• Fountains & Aeration

AquaTechnex sells and maintains the AquaMaster line of lake aeration and fountain systems. Awareness of water quality management has never been higher. In our environmentally-conscious world, our biologists are making aeration equipment the foundation of our lake and pond management programs. Our goal is to increase dissolved oxygen levels, which stimulate the natural cleanup process resulting in an aesthetically pleasing, healthy body of water.

Aeration is a natural environmentally safe and highly effective water quality management tool. It addresses a wide range of water quality problems including algae buildup, aquatic weeds, bottom sludge, foul odors, insect infestation and stagnation in lakes and ponds.

AquaTechnex has selected the industry leader for quality and dependable fountains and aerators for all your aquatic requirements. Let us help you master the power and beauty of your water feature with AquaMaster systems.