Lake Mapping

Aquatechnex has an active lake mapping program that can benefit lake managers in a number of ways.  A bathymetry map allows you to understand the volume of water, the shape of the lake bottom and locate any hazards to navigation such as shallow bars.  An aquatic plant biovolume map can show you the the shapes and location of aquatic plant communities as well as the percent of the water column that is occupied by this growth.  This can assist in lake management planning and aquatic plant management operations.  It can also be used to track response to treatment strategies used to control these species.  A bottom hardness map is useful in determining organic sediment accumulation in your lakes and can help design dredging or sediment reduction strategies.

This work is done using hydro-acoustic mapping technologies.  Our survey boats travel transects across the lake collecting this information.  The data is processed and map generated.

If your interested in getting your lake mapped we would like to help.  Please get in touch.

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