Experimental Lakes Area Needs Your Help

One of the premier research facilities in the world is the Experimental Lakes Area or ELA in Northwest Ontario.  This facility for 45 years was home to some of the cutting edge lake management research performed in the world.  The facility has a number of large lake systems where scientists can try different real world experiments and learn how lakes respond to different management approaches.

This was a federally funded research facility and it lost that funding s short time ago.  Luckily in the short term, Canadian Provincial Governments have stepped up and work will go on there this summer and potentially beyond.  They are in need of support however, what’s learned here goes well beyond Canada and helps us all.

They have set up two web sites that are worth a view.  The first is www.saveela.org

This link gives a good overview of the history and background.

The second is for contributions, if everyone kicks in a little bit you would be surprised how far that can go.   https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/world-s-leading-freshwater-research-facility-the-ela-needs-your-support#home


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