Great Secchi Dip In Goes Again This Summer

For a number of years, the North American Lake Management Society has helped facilitate the “Great Secchi Dip In” in late June and early July.

A Secchi disk is a simple but effective tool of measuring lake water clarity.  Generally, the cleaner the lake is, the less suspended material like algae is present in the lake.  The Secchi disk is lowered from a boat on a rope that has calibration for water depth.  When the disk is no longer visible, the depth is recorded.

The Secchi Dip In team assembles Secchi Disk readings from all those lake associations or groups that know about it and submit readings.  They can then build a data base that compares water quality across North America.  After you participate in this for a number of years, they can also start to see trends in lakes regionally.

Give the attached flyer a read and consider participating this year.

Annual DipIn Report

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