White Paper on Phosphorus Detection using Satellite Imaging

We have been working with Blue Water Satellite to implement their remote sensing technologies to monitor various water quality parameters.  Their cyanobacteria detection and monitoring program has been especially useful to clients that have faced this problem in the past.  This technology has allowed them to view their entire lake or lakes twice monthly and dramatically increase the sampling rate at a lower cost.

Phosphorus is one of the key drivers of degraded water quality in lakes.  Blue Water has a system to detect and map this limiting nutrient as well.  This technology is useful for regulators that manage TMDL programs and for lake managers.  They have recently published a white paper on how this technology works with case studies comparing satellite analysis to conventional  grab sampling techniques.  For a copy of this white paper, go to http://aquatechnex.com/consult_request.html and request a copy, we will forward it to you by email. 

Update 4/23/2010, this is also available now online at http://bluewatersatellite.com/assetts/Phosphorus%20White%20Paper%20final.pdf

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