Eurasian Milfoil in Lake Tahoe

This most pristine lake in our Country has been experiencing an invasion of Eurasian Milfoil and Curly Leaf Pondweed.  These two invasive species are starting to spread throughout the basin.  The water clarity in this lake will insure that these weed can grow to greater depths that might normally be seen.  We noticed Eurasian Milfoil in the Tahoe Keys region of the lake in the mid 1980’s and started to discuss options with that group.  As herbicide use is restricted in the basin, the Keys were forced to look at harvesting and rotovation to keep their channels clear.  They have also look at product like the Solar Bee, an installation that promised excellent results but has yet to deliver any. 

The plants are spreading around the lake and starting to impact more and more people.  I will be attending the Tahoe Aquatic Invasive Species Technical Workshop this coming week at Incline Village, and will report interesting developments that come from that meeting late next week.

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