Cyanobacteria or blue green algae species are emerging as one of the most dangerous threats to water quality throughout the world. These species thrive in the presence of high nutrient levels and eutrophication of our lakes and reservoirs support higher concentrations of these problem species. Blue Green algae toxins pose a direct threat to wildlife, domestic animals and humans. These lakes are often closed because of the human health threat. The longer term impact of these toxins in domestic water supplies is now becoming clear as well. Phosphorus is often the limiting nutrient. AquaTechnex has the expertise to analyze conditions and implement restorative programs.
Phoslock is a technology developed by the Australian National Science Academy specifically engineered to sequester and remove phosphorus from lake water and lake sediments. AquaTechnex was the first group in the United States to deploy this technology to improve water quality. We remain the largest user of this technology and have the expertise to implement a Phoslock program to restore your water body.

We also have a number of algaecide technologies that can target and control these toxic algae species when a more short term response is necessary.

Our biologists have the tools to identify toxic algae problems, quantify the scope of the program and develop restorative programs removing phosphorus pollution from the system or treating problem conditions.


Before and after lake treatment