Aquatechnex adds Cattail Bulrush Control System

Aquatechnex new MOBITRAC Amphibious Aquatic Weed Harvester in Action

Cattails and bulrush communities can be a beneficial component of your lake or pond ecology.  When left unchecked however, they can form dense monocultures that produced excessive amounts of plant biomass each fall.  This biomass if left unchecked will begin to fill in the lake and if left alone too long can result in needing to dredge the lake to recover the system.

Aquatechnex has added a MOBITRAC amphibious cutter and harvester to our equipment mix. The MOBITRAC is like a swiss army knife, it has a number of attachment that can be changed out.  In the role of emergent vegetation control, this unit can cut and collect cattails and bulrush species that have overgrown their welcome on your shoreline.

This unit is highly effective and can clear significant amounts of cattails/bulrush in a day’s operation.

MOBITRAC configured for harvesting collects cut vegetation and removes from the lake

Upon cutting and removing Cattail and Bulrush growth, we can then monitor your shoreline.  ClearCast aquatic herbicide is a highly effective systemic product that can be used to treat re-emerging cattails and keep them from coming back.

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