Phoslock Summer Update

We’d like to provide a few updates on the use of Phoslock around the world to combat phosphorus pollution in our nation’s Lakes.

We continue to monitor those sites we have treated over the past two years.  The Lake Lorene program has provided the lake residents with their second summer of clear water and no blue green algae blooms.  The most interesting thing about this treatment is that the Phoslock in the lake system captured the winter load from the incoming urban streams and phosphorus levels continued to decline over this period of heavy rain in the Pacific Northwest.  Laguna Lake has experienced the first blue green algae free summer in a number of years and we expect a similar trend to occur there.

Overseas, Phoslock continues to be the go to technology for phosphorus mitigation in lake systems.  The summer newsletter attached here has a number of great articles and project overviews.  Summer 2013 Newsletter Final

Lastly, we recently discovered the attached report documenting a number of years of results from a large scale Phoslock treatment in New Zealand.  This report shows the improvement in water quality over a number of years.  TechReports-070101-PhoslockApplicationLakeOkareka

If your going to the North American Lake Management Society meeting in San Diego this October, look for a number of papers on this subject.  Thank you for your consideration.

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