National Water Quality Monitoring Council Spring News Letter

The National Water Quality Monitoring Council (or “Council”), is pleased to release the seventh edition of our online newsletter National Water Monitoring News

This newsletter provides a forum of communication among water practitioners across the Nation. In support of the national Council’s mission, this newsletter is geared to foster partnerships and collaboration; advance water science; improve monitoring strategies; and enhance data integration, comparability, and reporting.

This edition highlights many events, activities, and new products and we hope the information is useful for your water needs. Among the topics included:

Council Resource – Webinars on the Water Quality Portal
New Tools and Technology:

  • An Inside Look at PhyloChips
  • Enhancements to EPA’s STORET Data      Warehouse
  • A Decision Support Tool to help Farmers      Protect Water Quality in Wisconsin

Updates on monitoring including:

  • U.S. EPA’s National Aquatic Resource      Surveys
  • U.S. Forest Service’s NorWest       Stream Temperature Database & Model
  • Muskegon Lake Monitoring

Spotlight on State programs from Maryland, New Jersey, North Dakota and California
Volunteers piloting the Charles River App for monitoring the Charles River near Boston
Updates on the National Monitoring Network including:

  • Puget Sound’s study as part of the      National Monitoring Network for U.S. Coastal Waters and Their Tributaries

Many thanks to the editorial board: Cathy Tate, Dan Sullivan, Wendy Norton, Alice Mayio, and John Hummer; Kim Martz for the layout, and to all contributors nationwide.


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