“It’s Didymo, we’re screwed” and “HIV of the River, that’s what it looks like to me”

While fisherman in New Zealand have for the past few years watched as “Rocksnot” or the diatom Didymo choke the life out of their rivers, our Country has to this point not seen a major problem with that stuff.  That appears to be changing.

Below are two articles from New England State papers about this threat.  This algae covers the bottom of rivers completely wiping out the life there.  One guide thinks this is the beginning of the end for wild trout fishing in Vermont. 

Here in the Pacific Northwest, it is critical that we keep an eye out for this stuff and jump on it the minute it appears.  Our salmon are in many cases already threatened, losing spawning habitat to this stuff would be a serious problem.  Please read and be on the lookout. 



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