Regional Eurasian Milfoil Control Plan

King County, Washington is the home to Seattle and a number of large and small lakes.  Many of the lakes in this increasingly urbanized area are suffering the impacts of development and noxious aquatic weeds.  The King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks has for many years taken a lead in the management of these water resources. 

King County lakes were among the first in Washington to bear the brunt of the Eurasian Milfoil infestations in the Pacific Northwest.  Lake Washington is a 22,000 acre system that was infested with this weed in the late 1970’s.  Since that time many lakes in the County have suffered the impacts of this noxious weed. 

Aquatechnex and Envirovision were hired by the County in 2002 to develop a Regional Eurasian Milfoil Management Program.  This document and it’s appendices have helped these lake communities develop control programs that work.  As this weed is expanding elsewhere in the region, this plan may have applications for others starting to undertake this task.

The plan can be downloaded from the County Website at:

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