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We just posted two stories with video of successful Eurasian Milfoil Control Programs using Procellacor.

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Learn how we restored water quality in Laguna Niguel Lake.

Expert Preservation of your Water Resources since 1976

Aquatechnex is a full service lake and aquatic plant management firm that serves the Western United States. Our expertise includes managing toxic algae and invasive aquatic species. We’re a Washington Weed Association Honorary Member and the proud recipients of the 2011 SePRO Sustainable Leadership Award.

Preservation Success Stories

After three years of trying different approaches with no success, we moved to Phoslock. We signed up for the 2 year program and the results after the first years application were very dramatic, no more blue-green algae and water clarity was amazing. Twin Lakes Home Owners Association highly recommends the use of Phoslock and the Aquatechnex team.

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